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<h1><strong>EMMANUEL LIGHTHOUSE</strong></h1>
<h1><strong>UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH</strong></h1>



Emmanuel Lighthouse UPC was founded in the early 50's by Rev. Lewis Rabbie. At the end of 2022 ELUPC moved into a new state of the art facility at the same location where the church has stood since 1953. Emmanuel Lighthouse has enjoyed the ministry of quite a few pastors since the founding of the church by Rev. Rabbie. The following pastors have been: Rev. David Tolman, Rev. William Cooling, Rev. Paul Reynolds, Rev. Victor Leavitt, Rev. Wayne Kleinstuber, & Rev. Robert Fuller. In 1973 Rev. Ross Kingsley became the pastor and dedicated almost thirty years of his life to pastoring this work. The church prospered under his leadership and many of the structural expansions to the building came under his ministry. In January of 2002 he was followed by the current pastor, Rev. Dustin Abbott. ELUPC has also produced many ministers and minister's wives who serve the Lord in multiple countries. Emmanuel Lighthouse continues to bring spiritual light to our community – to be that city set on a hill that Jesus called us to be.

<h1><strong>Pastoral Family</strong></h1>

Pastoral Family

The Abbotts began their ministry here in Pembroke after meeting in Stockton, California at Christian Life College. They were married in Pembroke in 1997. They became the lead Pastors of Emmanuel Lighthouse in 2002 and have continued in that role since that point. They have three children: Samuel, Jazzlyn, and Ryan - each of whom has been engaged in ministry throughout their lives. In 2023 Samuel married Omega, and they are currently serving at ELUPC until travelling to New Zealand in 2024 for Sam to do his training to become a chiropractor. Jazzlyn is currently a student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and Ryan is in high school in Petawawa.

<h1><strong>Mission Statement</strong></h1>

Mission Statement

Luke 19:10 KJV For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

This verse defines Jesus' purpose on earth! He came to reach souls. Everything else that was accomplished (blind eyes opened, dead raised, demons cast out, etc...) was all a by-product of that. We live in a world where many have tried to build religion upon the by-products. Many have "healing" or "deliverance" ministries, but those were not Jesus' ministries. He came to save the soul, to become our Jesus (The God that Saves!). As a result of this ministry the miracles also occurred. One can be healed and still be lost. Salvation is of paramount importance. This is the purpose of Emmanuel Lighthouse. We have and practice the by-products just as Jesus did, but our purpose is to reach the lost!

We believe and practice Bible salvation. We believe in One God (Deuteronomy 6:4) in Christ, and that the fullness of the Godhead did and does dwell in him bodily (Colossians 2:9). We practice baptism in the only fashion that is Biblically recorded, by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ (Book of Acts). We believe in the infilling of the Holy Ghost and the salvation message as taught in Acts 2(:38,39).

We believe in loving the lost and reaching out to them. Be prepared to be loved if you attend our church. We refuse to be narrow-minded and exclusive but believe rather that the world is looking for a church who is both willing to love them and to stand for what it believes. We do not believe in compromising the biblical message at any cost, but accept the Word of God wholly and completely and teach it as such. We believe that singing, teaching, preaching, and worship should be anointed and powered by the presence of God.


Tuesday Bible Study

Join us on June 25rd at Emmanuel Lighthouse UPC for our Tuesday Bible Study

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Service Schedule

    Sunday School (for all ages) – Sunday 10:30 AM

    Worship Service – Sunday 6:30 PM

    Mid-Week Bible Study – Tuesday 7:00 PM

    Mid-Week Prayer– Wednesday 7:00 AM

    Open Prayer – Saturday 9:00 AM

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Address: 1787 Petawawa Blvd,
Pembroke, ON K8A7H7

Phone: (613) 735-6955

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