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Rev. Dustin Abbott

Rev. Dustin Abbott - Lead Pastor

Rev. Dustin Abbott has been married to Lana since 1997 and is the father of Samuel, Jazzlyn, and Ryan. He attended Christian Life College in Stockton, California and received a degree in Theology. He has been the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Lighthouse UPC in Pembroke, Ontario since 2002 after serving as Associate Pastor for 5 years. Rev. Abbott is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International. He also serves the Ontario District of the United Pentecostal Church in various capacities, including as a Sectional Presbyter. He is a published author as well as a professional photographer whose work has appeared in multiple publications. He considers it an honor to serve in the Lord’s work and his goal is to see Apostolic churches planted across the Ottawa Valley.

Rev. Craig Christoffersen

Rev. Craig Christoffersen - Assistant Pastor

Rev. Craig Christoffersen is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church and began his ministry as a missionary to Sweden, where he lead a growing church in Stockholm. Circumstances around the pandemic in 2020 caused a redirection in his ministry, and he returned to North America. He married Macy in June of 2021, and they joined the ELUPC team at the end of July. They are actively involved in all aspects of ministry at ELUPC - from pulpit ministry to young adults to media. He is also the grandson of former Lead Pastor, Ross Kingsley. Pastor Craig wants to see a great revival in Pembroke and Petawawa.

Lana Abbott

Lana Abbott - First Lady

Lana Abbott has been married to Rev. Dustin Abbott since 1997 and is the proud mother of Samuel, Jazzlyn and Ryan. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology/English from Trent University and an A.A. in Music from Christian Life College. She currently works for the Renfrew County District School board as an Educational Assistant. Lana serves Emmanuel Lighthouse as Pastor's wife and Music Director along with mentoring other leaders. She endeavours to use many people in the music department and see them improve their abilities and talents while ministering to the congregation. She sings and plays organ. Lana's goal is to help people know Jesus and see the blessing of God in their lives.

Rev. Ross Kingsley

Rev. Ross Kingsley - Senior Pastor

Rev. Ross Kingsley is a graduate of United Pentecostal Bible Institute in 1962. He became an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International in 1965 and has served in various capacities with the Ontario District of the UPCI, including as Home Missions Director, Sectional Presbyter, and District Board Member. He now serves as an honorary board member and one of the esteemed elders of the Ontario District. He formerly was the pastor of the Church in Charlieville, Ontario, and of Mississauga, Ontario. In 1973 came to pastor in Pembroke, Ontario with his wife Edna, and three daughters, Loy, Lyndal, and Lana. He retired from full time pastoral work in 2002 and now serves as Seniors Pastor of Emmanuel Lighthouse with his wife, Sheila. His goal is to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.

Jim and Judy Grant

Jim and Judy Grant - Pastoral Care and Seniors Ministry

Jim and Judy Grant were married in 1966 (they were previously army buddies!) and have three children, Scott, Susan and Sandi (the latter two - twins -were born in Germany). They came to the Lord under the ministry of Pastor Kingsley at ELUPC in 1978. After military service they worked a number of different professions and eventually found their way back to Petawawa. They now serve as leaders of the Pastoral Care team along with being actively involved in ministry to Seniors in the Pembroke area. They regularly work in local Seniors Residences as volunteers along with teaching Bible studies, coordinating prayer meetings as well a monthly service at the Miramichi Lodge in Pembroke. They can be seen frequently at the Pembroke General Hospital as they minister to those in need. They devote themselves to mentoring and teaching others, and Jim can be seen across the community picking up people for service. They love God and love people. Judy's favorite life verse is Luke 9:62.

Fred Haines

Fred Haines - Head Usher

Fred Haines has been married to Muriel since 1959. They have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren (and counting!) He is originally from the Fredericton, New Brunswick area. He served in the Canadian Military for 28 years, earning the CD2, UN, and UN Cyprus Medals. He serves in multiple capacities at Emmanuel Lighthouse, including as Head Usher, Fire Safety Coordinator, and as one of the Board of Trustees. Over the years he has served in many other areas in the church and always has a willingness to work. Fred's favorite Scripture is Psalm 100.

Helen Langille

Helen Langille - Ladies Ministry Director

Helen Langille is the Ladies Ministry Director. Her goal is to continue to minister to ladies young and old and mentor them in united prayer, family, and personal spiritual support. Helen believes that we all have a talent and can be used to help others in need in our community. It is her goal to see many new ladies come into the church and find the peace and joy that serving God can bring to a life...and a home.

Colleen Splaine

Colleen Splaine - Secretary/Treasurer

Colleen Splaine was born and raised in Pembroke, Ontario, and has been married to Wayne since 1989. Together they have one daughter, Erin MacKay (husband Kent), and two grandsons, Judah and Elijah. Colleen attended Champlain High School. She serves as the Secretary/Treasurer at Emmanuel Lighthouse and also enjoys being involved in both the Music Ministry as well as the Sunday School Department. Her favorite Scripture is Psalms 46:10 - "Be still and know that I am God.".

Tiffany Capranos

Tiffany Capranos - Children’s Ministry

The ELKidz ministry is lead by Tiffany Capranos. Tiffany graduated for the Practical Nursing program with Honours and currently works as a Behavioral Support Nurse for the geriatric community. She has a heart for the children of our community and wants to create a safe space for children to be loved, seen, and free to be kids. The ELKidz ministry works to build the Biblical foundation for children so that they can know and stand firm in truth. Tiffany also has a desire to train the next generation of teachers so that they will have a passion for children’s ministry.

Rebecca Langille

Rebecca Langille - Youth Ministry

Rebecca Langille and Ethan Larose are the leaders of the ELYouth Team and Ministry. Rebecca is a Registered Practical Nurse and is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Rebecca brings a lot of strategic planning to the team and her goal is to create an environment for our youth to work together and pursue the call to serve.

Ethan Larose

Ethan Larose - Youth Ministry

Rebecca Langille and Ethan Larose are the leaders of the ELYouth Team and Ministry. Ethan is a graduate of the Culinary Arts Program at Algonquin College and is currently working at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. He loves the Pembroke and Petawawa region and feels God’s call to deeper ministry. Ethan loves people and engaging with our youth in all areas, whether praying or just having fun with them!

Craig and Macy Christoffersen

Craig and Macy Christoffersen - Young Adult (Hyphen) Ministry

The ELUPC Hyphen (Young Adults) ministry is led by Craig and Macy Christoffersen. Macy is currently studying for a degree in Human Behavioural Sciences at Grand Canyon University. She has a passion and interest in helping people through counselling, and seeing them succeed in life.

Dan Langille

Dan Langille - Men’s Ministry

The ELUPC Men’s Ministry team is lead by Dan Langille. Dan is retired from the Canadian Forces where he served in the Black Watch Regiment, the Royal Canadian Regiment, the Airborne Regiment, and the Canadian Special Operations Regiment as a supporter. Dan serves on the Ontario Men’s Ministry committee. Dan is supported by his team: Fred Haines, Shayne Kyle, and Josh Graham. Dan’s goal is to mentor the men of Emmanuel Lighthouse and help them achieve a deeper, more mature walk with God.

Nick Denman

Nick Denman - Greeting Ministry

Our greeting ministry is led by our team of young adults under the direction of Derek Langille and Nick Denman. They are their team make sure that you arrive to a warm welcome.

Derek Langille

Derek Langille - Greeting Ministry

Our greeting ministry is led by our team of young adults under the direction of Derek Langille and Nick Denman. They and their team make sure that you arrive to a warm welcome. Derek was born and raised in Petawawa and has been an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces since 2016. His goals are to see many more service members won to the Lord and to share the Gospel everywhere he goes…even on deployment around the world. He believes the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 – God has a perfect plan for each of us.

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